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Heat your pool and swim 6-9 months of the year with free energy from the sun!

From only R 6150.00 

Solar Heating

It is a fact that most swimming pools are used for less than 4 - 5 months of the year, and even in those few months adults seldom use them. Why?

Because pools are simply too cold to enjoy. That is why pool heating has become so popular in recent years. With a properly sized pool heating system the season can be extended or even doubled, and the temperatures achieved are truly enjoyable. On average the temperature rise will be in the region of 8 C above normal pool temperatures throughout the year.

The solar panel system is an efficient collector of the free energy available from the sun. The panels are mounted onto the house roof, or a suitable structure, and clean filtered water is passed through the panels during the daytime, by means of your existing pool pump.

The water passing through the panels collects the irradiated heat from the sun and is returned to your pool as warmed water. This process is continually repeated until your swimming pool reaches the desired temperature.

 Solar Panels are designed specifically for Pool Heating applications and are fully compatible with all types of filtration systems including those pools using Salt Water Chlorinators.

Unheated Pool   Heated Pool

 Pool Size:  Number of Panels Required
15m2 2
23m2 3
30m2 4
38m2 5
45m2 6
53m2 7
60m2 8
68m2 9
75m2 10
83m2 11
90m2 12
98m2 13

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